rss-email 0.1.0

I just released the first version of rss-email, 0.1.0, a little program I’ve written about before.
It solves my issue of not checking my newsreader often enough. Instead, I’ll get notifications of new posts via E-Mail.
It’s easily self hostable and only requires a cron entry as well as a simple config and url file to work.

Feel free to check it out! You can find the installation instructions in the README.

August 15, 2022

GitHub Copilot

Instead of trying to formulate my own opinion on GitHub Copilot, I’ll leave Drew DeVault’s blog post about it here, which is more detailed than I would have been:

With the launch of GitHub Copilot and the problems that it has, as outlined in the blog post, I decided to pull all my projects from my GitHub profile, leaving only forks and projects I’m a maintainer of behind. I will also remove the link to my GitHub profile from my website.
You can find all of my projects here:

I’ll close this small post with an excerpt of Drew DeVault’s message to GitHub, found in his blog post:

You’ve invested in building a platform on top of which the open source revolution was built, and leveraging this platform for this move is a deep betrayal of the community’s trust.

June 23, 2022

Comment on Password Managers and Himitsu

Recently, I published a blog post on password managers, saying I’m looking to switch again.
As it turns out, Drew DeVault (and contributors) has been developing a new “secret storage manager” called Himitsu, written in Hare, a new systems programming language also developed by Drew.

Himitsu seems very promising (kind of like a better pass?1) and I might give it a try, although I’ll have to see whether I’ll be able to properly use it on any non-Linux devices, like my smartphone2.

  1. As in: more like pass than the other password managers I’m aware of. ↩︎

  2. Currently on iOS, but desperately looking to change again as a lot of things just don’t work when you look over the Walled Garden(TM). ↩︎

June 20, 2022

Sourcehut Pages

My website is now also available on Sourcehut pages! You can find it here:

Since I’m building and publishing my website via the Sourcehut CI anyways, I figured I could just publish it to Sourcehut pages as well.

If, for some reason, my website on is down, you can still look at my content elsewhere now where it will be just as up-to-date as on the main website.

June 17, 2022

Please Use E-Mail

Like I mentioned in my post about communication channels, E-Mail is a low volume communication channel that I value a lot, which is why I want to remind and urge everyone to send me E-Mails instead of sending a short instant message to me.

Use communication channels the way they are intended to and make them serve a purpose.
Send me a Signal message if you want to have a chat with me, but please send me an E-Mail if you need anything else. This is my preferred method of communication.

Instead of shoving an email etiquette down the throat of my non-tech friends, I ask you to at least send a plain text E-Mail.

You can find my E-Mail address on the about page.

June 9, 2022

New Git Signing Key

I updated my public key to have a subkey for signing git commits. You can find my updated key on the about page and here:
PGP key

April 6, 2022

Discord and Alternatives

Recently I got myself a Nextcloud instance, and it’s been absolutely comfy. I didn’t know how useful a cloud can be until I got one that’s not one of the proprietary ones with next to no configuration available.
Nextcloud has a lot of apps. Some of the most known apps to non-Nextcloud-users are probably the Contacts and Calendar apps which also support CardDAV and CalDAV, respectively. Some lesser known to the non-initiated are apps like Talk, a WebRTC powered (video-)chat app.

When I tried out Talk for the first time, I was a bit shocked at how well it worked and how good the quality is. Thanks to WebRTC, server traffic is kept at a minimum, too.

Recently, I also tried Jitsi again, and was once more shocked at how simple but also perfectly usable it is. For some reason I’ve recently been viewing Discord as the only “viable” chat platform out there that is of high quality, but it’s nice that I’ve been reminded that this isn’t the case at all. There are ready to use solutions out there, like Jitsi, that you can easily use for good quality video chatting.

March 25, 2022

bspwm Issues

Around September 2021 I built a new PC. I decided this would be my first main machine running Linux, and Linux only1, so I also decided I should make it look a little pretty.
So, out with dwm and it’s default statusbar and in with bspwm and Polybar. I’ve been using this setup (mirrored on my ThinkPad E4702) since then, but lately I’ve been running into the issue described here.

It’s the kind of issue that makes me want to rip my hair out, since I have no clue why it appears and how to fix it.

Since it started appearing more often I’ve thought about switching back to dwm. I’m actually kind of missing it, really. There are some minor things in bspwm I find too complicated, and I miss the simple stack layout of dwm.

What I’ll be missing in dwm is Polybar. Sure, I can just use it, but Polybar (without any patches) will be unable to show information about tags in dwm which irritates me a bit (and actually is the primary reason I decided to switch to bspwm in the first place).

The reason I want Polybar is because of statusbar icons. There is a patch for dwm but I’ve never managed to patch dwm with it.
Looks like it’s time to try again, as bspwm is (sadly) really getting on my nerves now.

  1. I had to install Windows as well because of gaming, but Linux is still the primary way I use my Desktop. ↩︎

  2. Back when I bought the E470 I didn’t know any better. I should have gotten a different model, and one without a GPU because what do I need a GPU in a Laptop for? ↩︎

March 12, 2022

Another Semester of Java

Just when I thought the semesters full of horrible Java lectures stopped, another semester gets thrown my way with yet more lectures specifically about Java. And I bet it’s gonna be Java 8 again, none of the newer releases!

I understand that Java is still around, but it’s debatable whether

  1. it even should still be around (as much as it is)
  2. this much time and energy needs to be put into learning specifically Java in a university

There are so many languages around that are not Java. And don’t forget languages with other paradigms, like functional programming languages (like Scala, for instance, which supports OOP, FP, AND runs on the JVM!). Learning different programming languages in academics, especially considering different paradigms, would make much more sense than still trying to push Java and OOP in 2022. Alternatives exist for a reason!

I’m just hoping there won’t be another mandatory project where Java is the only language that’s allowed… At least expand it to JVM-based :)

Thankfully I’ll have some downtime from Java with my new job using Rust!

March 11, 2022


I started working on a thing that, for now, I’ve called rss-email. It’s supposed to check for new RSS posts and send them to a specified E-Mail address.
It’s in the very early development stages, and I’m currently struggling a bit to find enough time for it.

I’m using as a reference.

March 2, 2022