Another Semester of Java

Just when I thought the semesters full of horrible Java lectures stopped, another semester gets thrown my way with yet more lectures specifically about Java. And I bet it’s gonna be Java 8 again, none of the newer releases!

I understand that Java is still around, but it’s debatable whether

  1. it even should still be around (as much as it is)
  2. this much time and energy needs to be put into learning specifically Java in a university

There are so many languages around that are not Java. And don’t forget languages with other paradigms, like functional programming languages (like Scala, for instance, which supports OOP, FP, AND runs on the JVM!). Learning different programming languages in academics, especially considering different paradigms, would make much more sense than still trying to push Java and OOP in 2022. Alternatives exist for a reason!

I’m just hoping there won’t be another mandatory project where Java is the only language that’s allowed… At least expand it to JVM-based :)

Thankfully I’ll have some downtime from Java with my new job using Rust!

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Posted on: March 11, 2022