About Me

If you’re an employer, don’t hesitate to contact me through one of the channels below.


Feel free to contact me for any reason. I read all messages I get and will reply as soon as possible.



WKD is enabled for all my personal E-Mail addresses. To get my public key, either use a supported mail client or get it by using gpg:

gpg --locate-keys --auto-key-locate clear,nodefault,wkd witcher@wiredspace.de

If you know me personally and are looking for the PGP key of my personal E-Mail address, replace the email in the above gpg command with the one you’re trying to send an email to. If, for some reason, you cannot do this, please send an E-Mail to my personal E-Mail address asking for my public key.

Mail Etiquette

You can find a full reference to the etiquette at https://man.sr.ht/lists.sr.ht/etiquette.md.

Some websites you can find me on: