Why I use this Microblog

With Twitter’s demise and Mastodon’s rise in popularity, I must admit I’ve been feeling drawn towards Mastodon, even though I deleted my Twitter account shortly before this whole fiasco began.
The reason was that I posted and browsed Twitter mindlessly, wasting mine and other people’s time, and nothing good became of it. Most of the time I felt like I wasted the past half hour scrolling through my feed, sometimes I was even angry at Twitter and the community when I was done browsing.
So I decided to delete Twitter and have none of it anymore. And the choice is one I’d make again without hesitation.

I feel the urge to get a Mastodon account, but I have to realise what the reasons are that I quit microblogging in that way in the first place, and that Mastodon will be no different than Twitter. Different technology, same purpose.

The reason I started making this microblog instead is that I would have to think about what I want to write, at least to some extent. I can’t come here when I’m bored and post my way out of boredom; I like putting the slightest bit of work in my writing here.

That is why I use this microblog and not Mastodon.

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Posted on: February 06, 2023