Please Use E-Mail

Like I mentioned in my post about communication channels, E-Mail is a low volume communication channel that I value a lot, which is why I want to remind and urge everyone to send me E-Mails instead of sending a short instant message to me.

Use communication channels the way they are intended to and make them serve a purpose.
Send me a Signal message if you want to have a chat with me, but please send me an E-Mail if you need anything else. This is my preferred method of communication.

Instead of shoving an email etiquette down the throat of my non-tech friends, I ask you to at least send a plain text E-Mail.

You can find my E-Mail address on the about page.

Do you have a comment on one of my posts? Feel free to send me an E-Mail:
To participate in a public discussion, use my public inbox: ~witcher/
Please review the mail etiquette .

Posted on: June 09, 2022