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Writing a Discord bot in Go

About a month ago I decided to get into Go a bit. It’s always kind of been an interesting programming language since it’s modern, simple and has quite powerful multi-threading capabilities, most of which I have yet to use. I was asked if I could program a Discord bot that would print the weekly Covid-19 incidence numbers in Germany and I thought that’s a great idea, so here we are.

Blog pagination support in blogc

After taking quite a break on working on my website I decided to finally add pagination support for the blog on my website, which you are currently reading. Since I set up my website on blogc it just made sense to keep using that and even though I had quite a hard time figuring stuff out, again, as there is only documentation to work with, I pulled it off. As it is now, the blog shows 1 blog entry per site, which I might change in the future once I modify the CSS a bit to make distinguishing between posts easier.

Static Site Generation with blogc

Introduction Up until now I’ve been working on my sites in pure HTML; the only tool I used had been ssg to convert the little “wiki” I put op on GitHub to HTML and use it on my website. Creating a HTML file every time I wanted to post something on my website is not a viable alternative, though, which is why I was looking for an option to make my life easier.